Everything You Need To Know About VoIP

Understanding the Working of Voice over internet protocol

Voice over internet protocol or voice over internet protocol is a technology that works through Internet. Unlike PSTN (public switch telephony network), voice over IP converts voice which is analog signal format into small sized digital IP packets and terminates it via Internet to the final destination or receiver. Before reaching the final destination these small digital IP packets are reconverted into analog signals i.e. your voice.

The number of people deploying call termination service is constantly rising with no sign whatsoever of slowing down. This is chiefly due to the numerous benefits of this profitable service. Let us have a look at how this service can help us gain.

Advantages of Voice over internet protocol Service

  1. Cost Deduction – helps in tremendously cutting down the cost of calling as compared to PSTN. You can end up saving over 40% for every call made through this service.
  2. Efficiency – Voice over IP services works on packet switching instead of circuit switching technology thereby increasing the overall efficiency which has a direct impact on the productivity which too rises.
  3. Flexibility – One of the major benefits of using this turn key technology is that you can make calls from across the globe irrespective of the network from where you are connected to.
  4. Convergence – allows convergence of voice, data and video through a single network i.e. Internet. This proves to be advantageous for virtual workers or even while you are traveling.
  5. More Features Functionality – With voice over internet protocol, you get multifarious features with your telephony which are either not possible through PSTN or you are charged heavily for it. For instance, call forwarding, 3 way calling et cetera.

Disadvantages of Voice over internet protocol

Till a few years back Voice over internet protocol was a technology almost unheard of and the only people who knew about it were either the IT professionals or the so called technology geeks. Even with number of advantages that voice over IP bestows upon us, it wasn’t given preference by the users. This was chiefly due to its quality. Jitters and false billing were some of the common issues that disappointed the users.

Impact of IP Telephony on Business

Corporates from all sectors of the industry have acknowledged the golden points offered by IP telephony and this is precisely why they have started slowly but consistently moving towards deploying this service. A business irrespective of its size and area of expertise can successfully and profitably switch over to this service.

With the help of Voice over internet protocol solutions and services business houses can substantially increase their revenue as well the productivity of the organization. Gone are the days when PBX was used in organizations. Its place has now been taken over by Voice over internet protocol PBX. It enables inter and intra office calls to be made at running cost. One can only imagine the savings that it leads to not to mention the rise in the efficiency of functions.